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02.27.2013 , 09:37 PM | #1

My game is crashing back to the servers every 5-10mins because of Lag SINCE the 5 and a half hour patch. I have already posted a ticket in however because of a lesser but still phenominal lag of up to and beyond 10k. Of the two things I was emailed to do with step by step instructions, one being a dxdiag.tzg and the other a trace route. My computer refuses to do the trace route. So I sent an email back with the dxdiag.tzg and explained about the trace route.

I noticed some players complaining about LAG often in this forum. I am starting to get worried and although I have a months subscription up my sleeve I cancelled my subscription because of such talk. Also another game I have played fixed such a problem straight after such a patch creating increased lag and yet you do nothing. That got me worried more about what i'm paying for. My reason for leaving is that I don't pay to have problems avoided only to have them fixed.

Am I wrong to cancel my subscription ? I havn't had any help since I sent my email either and now i'm guessing im on a waiting list longer then what is normal because of the patch creating unstable conditions.

This is the most enjoyable game I have played and yet I can't play. Well well is that what they call luck of the Irish ?