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I will give the "Good Idea Fairies" on the Dev team credit for at least attempting to address the sustaining/regen'ing of KW issue. The 8% absorb during down time was at least an effort.
Alas... Attempts and efforts only go so far since I'm still trying to figure the kind of math that makes 25% shield equal to 8% absorb
It wasn't meant to make 8% Absorb break even with 20% Shield. It was meant to ameliorate the lack of it so that, while KW is down, you're at least getting *something*.

Of course, as of the latest PTS, they increased the number of baseline KW stacks to 15 (I'm curious as to whether this will increase the number of KB stacks as well or if that is still capped at 8) to offset the fact that KW stacks burn off so quickly now. Nearly doubling the number of stacks is pretty effective, if a bit lacking in creativity, but I'll take those fixes where I can get 'em.
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