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02.27.2013 , 06:48 PM | #82
Im surprised this thread is still going. When I originally posted it was at the release of SWTOR and I was level 50 at the time in Corellia commendation gear plus random greens/blues etc. This was before the changes to talent trees / class / free tionese gear and so on, all vanilla SWTOR.

As many of you know Powertech does not have a long CC ability so it makes the fight difficult. In the end I just kept on trying and was successful with a nuke and lucky critical hits.

Then I hit the bug where I was not given "First Strike" and was unable to proceed to ilum quest line and missed out on the daily quests until they fixed the bugs, I still to this day do not have an interlude screen for completing the Bounty Hunter story line. I expect to see the Chapter 3 founder details every time I log in until the end of time as its been forgotten.

PS. I want that $100