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02.27.2013 , 05:55 PM | #2
Well taking in consideration of all the things you want/have and don't want, It seems that all of the saber classes other a jedi gaurdian are out.

Imo, Powertech/Vangaurd are amazing tanks, lots of passive mitigation and great aoe threat. They are also one of the best pvp dps in game.

Imperial Agent operative is my other recommendation. Scoundrel as well, but I feel that the IA story is the best one in game. Its like being 007 but in a star wars enviroment. Also Operatives right now are one of the best healers in game especially pvp healing. Sorcs/Consulars are pretty fun as well, but I think you already have that.

If I were to choose, Id play Operative/PT/Van, but thats just me. They have alot of fun specs and are viable in most every situation. I wasnt into the trooper story, but thats just me.

Since your highest level is 28, i would really suggest just playing around with all of them, Alot of the classes are late bloomers. You really wont see a class shine/ story unfold with some of the classes till the 40s.