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Seems like top tier DPS will average between 2.6k-2.9k dps in the x-pac once they're in 69 level gear. I guess 3.1k for 72, maybe higher. Smurf and I have been stacking nothing but power now, and it seems to be the most effective way to go, my personal best so far is in carnage at just over 3k dps with the new stim, and fully augmented 69's with a little bit of 72 from the HM as well.
I call B.S opfotm ive been stalking ur combat logs on torparse to figure out what tricks your coming up with, and highest ive seen was 2640. I must thank you though, you brought my carnage dps from 2200 to 2550, and up to 2k on the normal servers. so keep posting those logs plz
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