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Hey everyone,

I wanted to make sure you were all aware that we have definitely not forgot about the APAC server concerns that all of you have. We are still very actively looking at all possible solutions and I will make sure that you are updated as soon as I have more information!

Dear Eric

Thank you ever so much for your reply to our thread and mentioning you know of our concerns in your polite and delightful manner...


We have been waiting since August 2012 for an answer to this question, 4 yellow posts later and we are still waiting...

I take from your post "Soon" to mean Makeb and then we will see...

Call me a cynic, but it seems this issue has been kicked down the street twice already hoping that the dead horse of Master Dar Nala will rise from the grave.

Duplicitous? Disengenious? Uncaring? These words spring to mind, but I know its not true, it cant be true.
Surely a Company as large as Bioware EA would have exemplary customer service and attention to all its subscriber base..
Your right, of course they do

Im just in the que with thousands of other people waiting to see it...

its going to be quite a show Im sure.

Once again

Thanks ever ever so much for acknowledging our issues

I await your ACTION on this issue eagerly..
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