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12.21.2011 , 02:02 AM | #1
I did test several classes up to lvl 16, sorcerer, warrior, BH and Operative. I did with all classes aswell pvp for at least 2 lvls.

Anyway, so far operative is for me the weakest class in pve and pvp and Iam not sure how it will change in the next levels.

When doing pvp with my lvl 15 operative, going melee with the two main melee attacks I feel quiete weak. My main attack to the back of the opponent does often only 1200 dmg around, this so low in comparison what i can do with the other classes. If you are out of stealth and both melee attacks on cd, i dont know what to do...except using my blaster and dying quiete often. There are classes around where I do maybe 10-15% overall dmg - just with the two melee attacks. Wheras ranged classes or warrior classes are redicoulos strong.

Whats going on here, feel a little gimped.... ? How do you play the operative in low lvl pvp ? Is this class broken ?