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So basically it's some obscure name that nobody at BioWare (or most anyone else) is familiar with or worried about but you want it changed because you don't like it anymore.

You're probably going to have to wait until they offer some sort of Legacy Name Change service.
I agree with rankyn.

It sounds like to me that your caring about what 1 person said about your name. Okay, you pissed off an anime what.
Your wanting to change because of another persons personal vendetta of naming your toon after some cartoon character they worship and it bothers you. Im not sure what to think of this.

I say dont let one persons silly opinion of your legacy name allow you to not have the name that you once desired so much. Keep the name and bow your chest out a little. If nobody likes it then kill them with kindness. They will eventually leave you alone and you will be able to keep the name you have.
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