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I remember the longest for me was Hoth. And while i was searching around when it came out, it was in the middle of the night/early morning, so no one was looking but me and the person i was grouping with [and a knight from the other side] I know it took over 3 hours. Eventually i got silly because i was high on caffeine, and i looked over to a group of mobs, who were using pick axes to dig in the snow and ice. So i thought "hey, maybe they're looking for the hk part! " defeated the mobs quickly, scanned. What do you know, "within 5 meters" i honestly couldn't stop laughing while trying to find exactly where it was. The knight was the one who got the final location though
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Estimated 16.7million people dealing with serious mental illness in the US alone each year. Estimated 400,000+ people subscribed to this game.
Guess some overlap was bound to happen eventually