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it would be nice if the moderators would either delete or move duplicate QQ threads. like the days that there are 5 "nerf smash" type threads on page 1; get rid of those and consolidate it all into one thread.
Yeah, the moderation here is abysmally weak. E.g. the "how resolve works" thread is horribly polluted with off topic QQ comments. People should be allowed to QQ about how they hate resolve but not in a valuable mechanics thread. An adequate moderation system would curate these threads. The current moderation system does not.

The obvious solution (that many other forums have implemented) is having volunteer moderators. I, for one, would be happy to do some thread curation moderating. I'd leave the banning and deleting to the BW employee mods as that topic is a nasty can of worms. Volunteer mods could recommend actions to BW mods who could then review and approve (or not approve) the action.

Also, we should have a button for reporting off topic posts that need to be moved to a containment thread.

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