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Ok, so here are mine, in complete correspondence to yours,

I'm a sith inquisitor, specialised in sorcery

I am a cold, calculated person, only drawing upon my thirst for power and sheer determination as an emotional 'pool' of dark side energy.

I've taught myself most of what I know, but I am not beyond taking a hint from those who prove they know something useful. I never rely on luck.

I never trust anyone .Period. Those few who are close to me, are only close because I've come to know them, understand them thoroughly enough and consider their betrayal to be extremely unlikely , based on what I know about them. But I watch them too, for greediness is the bane of all of us.

Killing is done mostly when necessary, but sometimes it is enjoyable too. Not in an axe-murderer-frenzy, kind of a way, but in a disposal-of-an-annoying-fly way.

I would kill an innocent person, if something could be gained out of it.

I am a practical person, who will do whatever it takes to win, so fairness in combat isn't my style. Unless, my opponent manages to impress me and earn my respect. (for instance a clever AND open-minded jedi). In that case, I might want an honest duel...and might even spare my opponent if I win, in order for the galaxy not to lose an interesting person.

I have no problem with and can actually enjoy backstabbing, lying, murder, stealing, torture. Think of it as...artistic domination.

I don't appreciate people who think themselves superior to me, but I am willing to recognise/respect/admire power when I see it and even accept some as superior to me, if they prove that is indeed the case...for the time being.

Violence is used when it's due, but cross me and all I'll need is time..but eventually I will get back at you. Because I don't forget and I don't forgive...unless you can compensate for what you did...that might need a lot though.

I am cool-headed and even if you managed to infuriate me, you won't be able to tell, least before lighting strikes you.

I strongly believe in making new allies, provided they can prove themselves worthy. If they are, they are enlisted in my/the empire's ranks, without regard of their origin/background/etc. If they are not, they are purged or enslaved...
Allies are not friends, though, they are tools.

I would enjoy a time of peace to have the time to search for new knowledge in quiet, seek new civilisations in the galaxy, expand my horizons. However, since people are bound by their impulses and greedy nature there will always be bloodshed.

I only care for the well being of my inner close circle, my personal assets and the empire's assets. In that order. If you want to prey on the weak, make sure that you aren't depriving the empire (or more importantly me) of some resources by doing so...if not, I don't care.

When I am called to kill republic soldiers I just do it. When I am called to kill jedi, especially padawans, it gets really interesting. I will kill their masters in front of them (or the other way around), rub the superiority of the dark side in their sad-puppy-faces and either finish them off, or better yet corrupt them. As mentioned above though, a worthy opponent might get a free pass.

I am fascinated by new technologies, new discoveries and exploration, as well as ancient civilisations and archeaological finds.

Money is good, but it's always a means to power, not a goal in itself. Stil, wouldn't mind enough to buy a zeltron harem.

I am hungry for power, but I don't allow my desire for domination to blind my judgement. One has to be aware of their limitations (what limitations a sith might have is open for debate though) for immortality, to quote a certain vampire in red 'immortality is a myth'...but I am not in a hurry to see my end, just the contrary.

I desire to go down in history books, to shape the world around me and be remembered for a long, long time.

I hope the empire would change for the better, by being more open-minded in its structure and relationships with other species.