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What name can be so bad as to post here about it. Why didnt it seem offensive to you when you first applied it.

You didnt mention how many folks you had report your name. Mabey not enough people have reported it to clarify it as offensive. Remember, it takes a while for something to be taken care of in this game. It takes weeks to get something restored/corrected.

Patience is a virtue.
The name is not offensive in any way, its simply a name that is the name of a popular fictional character in an anime series. And since i had not seen that anime series since the mid 90's i didnt remember that it was from there, i just thought it was a "good name" i came up with.

I had at least one guild report it (or at least a couple of guys in the guild said they were going to report it and have their friends report it).
Ive been trying to get it changed by reporting it myself since i got my first complaint about it about 4 months ago.
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