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The mechanism I've always supported has been KW stack *regeneration* through the use of certain attacks or conditions. Imagine if defending/resisting an attack *generated* a KW stack or scoring a critical hit with Project, Slow Time or Force Breach generated new stacks. Either solution would solve the primary problem with KW disappearing too quickly when it's supposed to be a constant benefit according to all balance math we've ever seen, not to mention working better with the current stats (so that Defense actually serves a functional purpose beyond just mitigation, since, as it stands, the mitigation benefits are questionable at best) and ability layout (since there's almost no reason to use PA since it's so inefficient; getting a guaranteed crit with Project to generate 2-4 new KW stacks off of the KW CD could actually make it a *useful* survivability mechanism).

easily the best idea kintru has ever had. i would LOVE to see something like that introduced. would make the shadow tanking mechanics a little more dynamic and original.
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