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02.27.2013 , 02:01 PM | #752
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Yeah, just tell us you don't give a f*** about us CE owners, so we finally can start a rage thread!
I would think the lack of any response would be proof they don't care about adding anything to the vendor. I think they have already flipped the bird at us, you just didn't see it.

They already made their money off of everyone who ponied up the funds to buy the CE edition with their undelivered promises to add more us, we will add more...

They gave you the bone already....the little bit of extra cartel coins you got for having the CE edition. That is all you are getting out of it.

They have the cartel market now to worry about, and need to keep pumping their time and effort into that....I mean those people are still spending $$$ to buy cartel coins....they haven't stopped raking in the cash from the new bunch of suckers.