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02.27.2013 , 01:35 PM | #46
Kaliyo needs to die... Like right now...
Skadge is a very annoying thug with almost no brainpower whatsoever...

Qyzen is annoying as hell for me to max out, has almost no Gift affection, and is almost useless except he's your only tank option until Iresso if Soloing.
Ashara is a whiny B**** and I would sooner be rolling around with Nadia on my Inquisitor than I would honestly considering spending much more time with her...
Everyone else is all right, even Quinn for betraying me, I understand at least partly why he did it.

Also, this is now a HATE ON ME thread, because Vette was actually my second favorite romance out of every class, she was assertive when she wanted something, but not ridiculously controlling about it.
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