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Before I start, just want to let you know that I have been a playing SWTOR since the beta. I have over 100 days of played on my main so you can pretty much guess that I love the game. Nowadays I mostly just PvP and lurk the relevant forums pretty much every day. After they announced that Joveth was also leaving, I was thinking about the absence of CM's in specially in the PvP forums. You can see a comment now and them, but it is pretty rare. I admit, some of threads are not worth any ones time, but still.

So basically I programmed a scraper, that calculated the amount of threads and the amount of post that BW official have posted here in the PvP forums. Here are the results as totals and relative percentages from all threads at that time (27.02.2013):

Amount of threads having staff posts: 55 / 0.134%
Amount of posts by BW staff: 98 / 0.013%

I will just leave it here. Please note that I only calculated threads that have the staff post icon in front of them, lot of the older ones do not have those.
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