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02.27.2013 , 12:30 PM | #1242
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Hi everyone! I just wanted to come in and discuss the two updates we did to repair costs with today's patch. These can both be found in the patch notes.

First, this update changed the way that repair costs are calculated for all modifiable gear. This update will definitely reduce repair costs that were increased with Game Update 1.7:
  • Repair costs for modifiable gear will now calculate based only on the equipped mods.
In addition to this, we have made a temporary reduction across the board for repair costs. This reduction has been done to thank all of you for your patience as we worked on this situation.
  • All repair costs have been reduced by 50% until Game Update 2.0.

It should be noted that after Game Update 2.0 repair costs will change again as we remove the 50% discount, but the change to modifiable gear calculations will remain. (To be clear, this means that after 2.0, repair costs will still be significantly lower than after Game Update 1.7.)

Personally I'm ambivalent about repair costs either way, though I feel for others who feel the pinch of high repair costs. The first mod calculation change is good, but I fail to see why the second temporary 50% reduction was implemented. Once people get used to this temporary discount they will not be happy when it's removed in 2.0. It should either be made permanent or removed immediately.