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02.27.2013 , 11:03 AM | #2
Yes, you can 'tank' in that DPS gear, though I would be leery about using group finder and flagging yourself as a tank in that gear. It's probably still do-able, but you have a higher chance of having one of the puggers getting 'upset' with you because you're in the wrong gear. As far as tanking in pvp, most shadow/sin tanks tank in DPS gear so no worries there.

At this point, if pvp is your thing, save the rest of your pvp coms for level 50 gear, don't bother wasting anymore coms on level 40 tanking gear. What I would recommend, if nothing else, is replace your focus with a shield. You also could search the GTN for a few of the tanking enhancements (the one's with defense/shield and or absorb). That will help you out quite a bit tanking pve from now until you hit 50.