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I don't get it. Servers got queues which basically means they're at full capacity, yet trying to find anyone for an instance is a pain.

Been asking in general chat for 30 minutes now and not a single group was being formed in that time for a simple lvl 25 instance (mandalorian raiders). I mean if it's like this with servers being full what will happen later on the road?

And what is going on exactly? Really losing interest and so early on too. Feels more like a sp game with mp chat than an actual MMO.
Well i gues it's not that groups aren't forming.
People just going to FP with friends and guildmates.
Try to join one, it should help a lot.
On the other hand most people run those instances once or twice and get back to questing and story.

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Great, guess the game will be dead pretty soon then because the majority of people don't even bother joining guilds.
You are of course wrong. Majority of people ARE in guilds. Who cares about soloists ?