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02.27.2013 , 10:41 AM | #1
So, I reached level 40 yesterday (empire side) on my sith assasin. Yes, I know i was pretty excited too as a i felt soo much more powerful. Now, I had my eye on that beautiful level 40 pvp gear (the light armor) and proceeded to get a full set of DARK PROMISE. I was deception at the time and i used it in pvp and pve. But later today, i wanted to go darkness and try tanking the only problem was the tanking level 40 gear is the DARK DEMISE. So i dont know if i can tank in DARK PROMISE. Help?

Also, I know it says level 40 PVP gear, but it seems pretty good in pve too.. right?

Also cant find a good shield at my level off the GTN when i mouse over them there is an equal amount of positives (green) and negatives (red)


I also got 3 cyan blue crystals that give you +41 endurance today
Level 45 sith assasin

Soon to be a master assasin.