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with other games i used to just copy and paste the whole game folder, as long as there wen't any new updates between copying, pasting and starting the new game I was straight in.

I don't see why it wouldn't work for SWTOR... although, you might want to use a good quality portable hard drive to copy it to (they're much faster than just a USB, even the large ones). Also, I haven't tried it with such a large game like this.

If you have a way to link the two laptops together then i guess you could do it that way, i've never tried that before though.
Copying and pasting the folder works, but not 100%.

I recently upgraded my computer to windows 8 (fresh install) and so I copied the EA folder in my program files to an external hard drive.

Upon copying the files back to my computer, the graphics, audio, and interfaces settings were set to default. I had to reset my graphics settings to the proper screen resolution (defaulted to 1024x768) and graphics level (defaulted to low, reset to high), I had to adjust the audio settings (I decrease the background music volume, etc), and my user interface had to be rearranged to my preference.

Other than that, it works.