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No he's talking about whatever the imp equivalent of combat trance is.

Right now Ataru Form has a 30% chance to proc opportune attack and 100% chance to proc combat trance.

While combat trance is active Blade Storm is an auto-crit.

In 2.0 Combat Trance is tied to opportune attack, so only a 30% chance to proc combat trance, and the autocrit that comes with it (though now Combat Trance gives you your focus back when you Blade Storm).

That ain't a small change. That's a huge nerf to Combat Burst.

Meanwhile, smash has undergone a rebalance at worst. Smash hits a bit less harder, but everything else hits a lot harder.

I actually didn't notice this since I still always crit on dummies on the PTS, which in hind-sight was due to a degree of luck; if unlucky this will make your initial burst take longer to set up but all subsequent bursts will be easy (plenty of proc chances). Due to this change we get a 10% buff to Blade Storm.

We also get Hand of Justice, Contemplation & a lower GCD on everything with Zen. It's a bigger burst that takes longer to set up which I think is very fitting for Combat/Carnage.
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