Thread: [Armortech] No orange schematics in RoTC?
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02.27.2013 , 09:30 AM | #2
I'm going to drop my Armormech for Biochem with the expansion.

The only thing Armormech is good for is crafting augments for profit, but even that does not provide half the credits cybertech gives through re-engineering high end armorings and mods and selling the mats that brings. All the custom armour that is crafted by Armormech can easily be bought of the GTN for a ridiculously low amount of credits, and the profession offers nothing to the crafter itself like Cybertech (re-usable grenades) or Biochem (re-usable stims, adrenals and medpacks).

I was hoping to see at least 20 more custom armor sets for Armormech, maybe even a couple of really unique ones requiring 450 armormech to give us something nice for ourselves. Not seeing even a single new custom set is just ridiculous. Meanwhile Biochem gets buffed even more with re-usable versions of all the best endgame stims/medpacks and adrenals.
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