Thread: [Armortech] No orange schematics in RoTC?
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02.27.2013 , 03:42 AM | #1

I saw the other day on Dulfy's site (wich is a very good site for this game) that Synthweaving were getting new sets of orange moddable outfits. My jaw dropped when I became aware of that, no schematics were going to be released for Armourmech. Why, dear developers? Can we get an answer on this one?

I know that probably half of all servers population are playing characters who are Jedi or Sith as their main toon..but hey alot of troopers, bounty hunters, agents and smugglers need new outfits too, that is NOT from the Cartel Market!
On a side note I do like the look of all the new schematics for Synthweaving, very classic and true for the SW-universe.
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