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Here are my thoughts about the whole situation.

Previously I mentioned that perhaps merging the three servers together would bring more people together and feel less divided however I’ve noticed that the game has gone a decline over the past few months and its all about people crying and whinging over little things that they couldn’t have. Stop that crying huh? NEVAR!

Lets focus on the constructive aspect and let’s work together, rather than pointing fingers here. The solution at this stage on this game for the APAC servers isn’t that great right now. Bioware is probably sitting there brainstorming and wondering how can they fix this quickly and keep their customers? Me personally, I think bad decisions lead to bad results so lets look on what we have at the moment.

1) Made good friends over the time spent on SWTOR and had fun with them on the game
2) Joining guilds are fun and trying to down the endgame content is just as exciting
3) Storyline has been epic
4) The newer content is something we always do appreciate
5) The humour in the game can be quite amusing for either light or dark side responses
6) Cartel Market option has been quite fun for the gear we wanted to try and get

1) Content not coming out regularly (but we know that it takes time)
2) We have a love/hate relationship and always will with the designers but people forget how much we should be appreciating them for making SWTOR
3) Server issues such as population decline is not the users fault for leaving but its something that Bioware needs to take a step back and rethink on where they taking SWTOR with this. Feedback survey’s should be available to allow users to provide a FULL explanation of what their reasons are
4) Funding could be a problem

I had been in an American guild before hand and loved it there but when the game died down, and the guild did as well. Sucked either way. Had no choice but to leave the server I was on, and moved on. Felt sad that it had come down to that though, good times good memories.

When I first joined the APAC servers, great things were happening, joined an Aussie guild and enjoyed the APAC server but here we are folks experiencing tough love with the game right now. Had loads of fun though but the biggest issue that I have been finding is that the game is lacking a lot of stuff.

What can you do to improve our experience on the APAC Servers?
  • Cross realm raiding and group finder, also implement the ability to add your friends from other realms and give them the chance to either help you complete your quests, flashpoints and perhaps operations as well
  • Merging three servers into one
  • Hard to say at this point about making into a West Coast server, I feel that the great ping rate we do have is worth it. Fortunately we are lucky to have an APAC server located in Australia as well too. But whenever I was on World of Warcraft for 8 years, I was so used to the US Servers and had no problems with 200 – 300ms thus West Coast servers. Furthermore if you looked at the BETA days of SWTOR we had both West/East coast servers and no APAC servers, yet people loved it as well too.

    I tried the Harbringer server and got exactly that, so I’m not complaining. Yes it doesn't help the fact that I would need to 'redo' all my characters and start over... however its a shame that the solution of moving us to the APAC servers was either a success or let down. Take your pick.
  • Then again you could look into the idea of having one server divided into multiple layers. Lets look at it this way. Lets say the new server name was The Revanite server and all the APAC servers would be merged into that server.

    How does this work?

    One suggestion could be is account bound and nickname/callsign. Whatever your account id is, all the character names would not be taken away for you. Regardless of legacy and what not.

    Perhaps look at the Secret World and look at how they operate on their naming system. First Name, Nickname, Surname. I think people could choose a nickname but even though lets use an example here. If you have more than a couple people using the same name as Carth, Revan or Bastila for instance.

    Person A's nickname is Bob
    Person B's nickname is Rev
    Person C's nickname is Toni

    The point is whenever C jumps onto the game, Person A and B would be able to join the game as well and can appear on the game with their Character name and hide their nickname. Another possibility if there are so many people using the nickname Bob, Rev or Toni could have their account ID added at the end of it like... Rev_1203 or Bob1234 (something like that).

Yes I'm throwing up ideas there, yes we need a solution. Yes there should be a better system in place to be honest Bioware.

One suggestion could be the legacy system where despite whatever character name you have on it, you could have the ‘legacy’ configured to accommodate the player’s legacy name and keep all the character names. And also add their account into their callsign value so that whenever a person tries to invite them into a group it would be Account Name "Satelerevan" character name "Revan"

There surely has to be a better way around this. It can be programmed on the system. I don't see why it won't be an issue.
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