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02.26.2013 , 10:48 PM | #8
This thread is very simple to stop. Does a rifle affect how well you heal? No.

Would it affect my decision to bring you into a rated's group? Absolutely.

The reason? Any healer that doesn't take downtime in healing to persue objectives or DPS opponents is a worthless member of my team. You remove a zero cool-down AOE from your abilities, immensely useful in most territory capping WZ's. Not having charged bolts to spam when supercharged cells is up is a waste of free dps and is an incredibly useful way to pressure an enemy healer.

Maybe if there was an actual reason for taking the rifle other than you think you get hit less I would think differently. Unfortunatly that isnt the case. The second you throw a Kolto grenade they know what you are.

You can use whatever you want as your weapon but just know that any and all criticism you take by others is justified.
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