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Just for fun:

I was thinking about the different sources the developers could tap for new content, a lot of the forum threads on "what should the next _____ be?" have a wide mix of suggestions from the Movies, the KotOR games, and the novels/comics/other video games of the Expanded Universe.

So what would you like to see as a new Story/Leveling Planet, Flashpoint, Operation, or even Warzone from each of these categories? (Obviously what's the right category for a given world can be fast and loose, i.e. Yavin IV was introduced in the movie but pretty much everything about its history comes from the EU.)

Something Old (from the movies, like Tatooine or Hoth):
A Geonosis Colosseum Warzone - it'd make a cool Deathmatch type WZ.
Something New (what sort of brand new planet, like Makeb, would you like to see?):
Alsakan - yeah, it already "exists" in the lore, but its pretty much a blank slate other than being a city-planet. Have one of the "17 Alsakan Conflicts" be a part of the Galactic War as either an Op or a Leveling Planet.
Something BioWare (a planet BW created or fleshed out in one of the KotOR games, like Taris):
Maanan - an opportunity to tell an interesting story about why Kolto got phased out in favor of Bacta, beyond just that Bacta was "better".
Something EU (a planet created or fleshed out in some other Expanded Universe material):
Onderon and Dxun - there's just something cool about a walled city with a history of a ruling Sith family and a "Demon Moon" that touches its atmosphere letting monsters invade.