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I've based my character on how i would like to be myself, every decision i make ingame is the exact decision i hope i would make were i in that situation. some of them are tough and hard to swallow, but necesarry.

It can actualy be a burden, especialy on my group mates in flash points, i take ages to decide what option i will choose.

But anyway here is a basic description of my character, i'm no roleplayer and never have been so excuse me if i make any errors.

I'm a sith inquisitor, specialised in assassination.

I'm a passionate person, full of emotion, good and bad. i embrace it all and love it. it empowers me.

I've taught myself everything i know, so i'm prone to making the odd mistake here and there, but by the grace of lady luck i have made it out of every tricky situation i've been in.

I don't trust anyone further than i can throw them, i have been betrayed in the passed far to many times to ever trust someone again, i may befriend someone but i will allways keep a watchful eye on them.

I do not enjoy killing, i tend to avoid it whenever possible. But i am not affraid to kill when needed.

I would NEVER kill an innocent person, ever.

I'm an honorable person, who believes in honorable combat, whenever i am sent to assassinate someone i give them the chance to defend themselves.

I absolutely despise backstabbing, lying, murder, stealing, torture and any other morale injustice.

I hate authority figures, and people who think themselves to be my "superior"..

Though i tend to avoid violence whenever possible, i am a very vengeful person, any aggressive act on me will be met in kind.

I am very short-tempered, the slightest thing can send me into an absolute rage, however when i am angry, i become incredibly powerful, able to destroy entire buildings with my finger tips, this power is only limited by how angry i get however it is not easily controlled so i cannot use it to its full potential, i am now trying to master this anger through meditation, to draw on its power without losing controll.

I strongly believe in making new allies, befriending many people, trying to get as many people at my side as possible, which leads to me sparing people often in "Kill//Spare" options, for an act of mercy, and an act of kindness often carries many rewards.

I hope that one day all the fighting, killing and the wars will stop. but i know this will never happen, for aslong as people have free will and their own opinions, there will be wars.

I care for the well-being of others, protecting the weak, defending the innocent (please excuse the cliche super-hero like quotes). I despise people who prey on the weak and the defenseless. it is wrong and should be punished.

When i am called to kill the republic or their padawans, i will do so, tho i may not enjoy killing students, they are my sworn enemy, they knew what they were getting into when they chose that path and they accepted the risks and consequences.

I'm fascinated by new technologies, new discoverys and exploration. as well as ancient civilisations and archaeological finds.

I'm an entrepreneur, allways seeking out new ways to make a fortune.

I'm hungry for power, the more i get, the more i want. immortaility is my ultimate goal and i will do anything to achieve it, anything except killing an innocent.

I desire to go down in history books, to do things that will be rememberd for a very long time.

I hope to one day change the empire for the better, but until then i must remain under the radar and not arouse suspicion.

Ok that's as far as i've got atm, whaddya think?

Is it good, bad? do you agree with any of it?

At the end of the day i'm not to fussy about what people think and i won't change anything about it, it's my character and i love it. i would just like to hear what other people think about it.

Also i'd love to read about yours, how your character reacts to certain things, how he/she makes their choices.