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I'm working on leveling several characters, because I'm an altaholic, and I've chosen differing Crew Skills for each because why not? My current focus is on my Republic Trooper, with Armormech. Recently though I hopped onto my Sith Warrior to get him to the Fleet, and picked up Synthweaving for him. Now, based on the description I was expecting Synthweaving to have Armorings, and Mods, and other things to slot into adaptive gear. Instead, it looks like it has equippable gear... Just like Armormech.

So my question is, beyond the gathering skills, what's the difference between the two? Is there any point to trying to raise Synthweaving when I have ~120 Armormech on a different toon?
Armormech is designed to make armor, augments and augment kits for cunning/aim users, while synthweaving serves the exact same purpose as armormech, except for force users (strength/willpower). If you want to make armorings and mods you want to go with cybertech.

Personally I feel the best crew skill for an altaholic is cybertech with scavenging and underworld trading to make all the armorings and mods you need. I would level up armormech and snythweaving if you plan to play a lot at lvl 50 to make your own augments and augmentation kits.