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Sorry EAWare but a single planet is not considered an expansion for any mmo. $10 isn't a lot of money but it shouldn't cost anything to subscribers to be honest. You have made a killing with the f2p shop, it's not like you're not making money off this game already! Not to mention you can't even purchase it with CC coins, just seems to me like another nickel and dime grab from your loyal fans.
To answer at the very first post of this thread,well my friend you are wrong,i played SWG,and i remember back in 2005 when SOE released the digital expansion trials of obi-wan,they added just one planet,which was mustafar.
So i think that ,Makeb is entitled to be anexpansion in all the ways,we still even don't know the size of the planet and how many contents they added for the new planet.
I think all these negative comments even before the release is a bit exagerated,i know some of you are prevented against EA,and every occation is good to attack them,myself am not a huge fan of them as well,and there are lot's of stuff that i dislike about the way thy handle things,above of all the lack of comunication with it's own community,but in this particular situation i can't see the point to start a new complain.
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