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Since this popped to the top, I'm going to say NO ONE is being FORCED to purchase this DLC. That's exactly what this is, DLC and DLC in most games is around 10.00, single player, co op and mmo. EA isn't doing anything that everyone else isn't doing but there are so many of you that despise EA so much that you're willing to warp this into a huge debate. If you don't want it, don't get it. No one is telling you that you have to have it. Just like subscribing, EA isn't twisting your arm and forcing you to subscribe. Yes, they are holding back things and making you spend money on them but you know what, why should F2P players get what subscribers get, they shouldn't. Don't have to sub, don't have to buy the DLC.
This sort of advice is completely counter-productive. Both to players and the developers. EA/Bioware WANT people to buy this stuff. That means more money for them. Players should WANT other players to purchase DLCs, because that means the dev team could get more funding for future content.

Thus, when you tell people they don't HAVE to buy something, yes you are correct, BUT you are not contributing. Yes, there are plenty of people that are just whining. But there are an equal number of people protesting and voicing their legitimate concerns about how unhappy they are with the product, which is what you DO when you are unhappy with a product. The best thing people can do is make their voices heard with their wallets. Unfortunately, in this game, I fear if that happens, future content will be severely lacking.

So, in conclusion, instead of telling people "listen, no one is putting a gun to your head", why say anything at all? Why not let people voice their concerns? Why not LET EA/BW HEAR those concerns, so that they can make something better in the future?
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