Thread: [Artifice] is artifice too powerful?
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you guys are missing the point here. I'll restate it again for emphasis.

artifice can craft, among other things:

custom built/elegant modified lightsabers
color crystals

assuming you don't have an augmented custom build/elegant modified lightsaber, these make up 3/4 of the slots on the LS, allowing new f2ps to craft nearly ready-to-use lightsabers with just one crafting skill.

My question: Does Bioware need to give, for example, the ability to craft enhancements to another crew skill? Biochem, perhaps? That's what this thread is for, not to ***** about prices of purple armorings or nothing like that.
You make a good point.

But I think it's important to recognize that lightsaber wielders all start their AC with moddable orange lightsabers. So crafting them would be mainly for looks or for companions.

Also, from a leveling perspective, I found that Cybertech was more useful than artifice. If you have all 9 pieces of moddable gear, plus earpiece and implant, you have a potential of (for a Sentinel):

1 earpiece
2 implants
2 hilts
2 crystals
7 armoring
9 mods
7 enhancements

Cybertech can craft 17 out of 30 of the possible upgrade slots, as compared to 11 from artifice. From this perspective, I don't think that artifice is too powerful in terms of crafting leveling gear.