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In the beginning, Cybertech seemed the best choice for my Level 50 Bounty Hunter Merc. Now I've realised I hardly use my grenades and until I run some endgame content, I won't have any mods past level 22 to craft and sell. So, except for my Assassin Droid schematics, I have little need to use my Cybertech skill.

I'm seriously considering changing to Biochemistry and picking up Bioanalysis and Diplomacy along the way.
Additionally, BH Companions also have crit and/or efficiency bonuses to all three skills!

What I'm NOT certain of are what reusable Chems/Medpacks are available at the highest level.

With 2.0 coming, I'd really appreciate some advice if changing to Biochem is a good idea!

EDIT: Changed the sentence in italics - Any advice on what endgame Biochem items are available is also much appreciated!
Are you crazy man? Don't drop Cyber!!

Cybertech is the skill to gain financial independence now and in 2.0, but lets talk about what you could do.

Stims and Medpacks of the Exotech variety are good, but really you just need a mule. Just do some prep work now. Hopefully you got UWT as your mission skill. Get as many companion gifts as possible, and level an ALT that is also geared for biochem, to around 30(3 companions), That is enough to make more than enough to make the stims/medpaks you need. You can also get the ship droid part to increase Bio Eff, so god no, don't drop Cyber....
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