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Didn't say anything about him being Jacen or Anakin. They aren't going to follow the EU stories. At best they pick a few character names and similarities and plug them in the movies as some geek easter eggs.

When I think of characters like what Cooper would be playing it's as original characters no one has seen before.
After reading Fate of the Jedi, I can't see how anyone would think they AREN'T using the EU. Fate of the Jedi re-aligned the entire storyline for modern Star Wars into something more similar to the Old Republic. This opens so many plot options.

The EU is a FANTASTIC revenue source with a pre-built fan base. Disney won't throw that way. I've spent more on purchasing the Audiobooks than I have on DVDs and BluRays. We have to view this pragmatically.

They don't have to use the EU to respect the EU. They can tell a NEW story with barely a reference to it and still follow it.