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There will be a charge for calling support. Using Skype the call cost will be lower. There is no free phone line available for support any longer.
Can the other support actually do something then?

90% of in game tickets => Call support reply
10% of In game tickets => "locked" or "forwarded", won't hear anything else

90% of forum support => Call support
10% of forum support => use IG system (see above)

90% of phone support => "We are aware, but can't say or do anything" or "It's beyond phone support, WE'LL SEND A TICKET TO THE NEXT TIER".

With all the things I hear about I wonder why sending in a ticket doesn't work, you already have the account in question. If enough information is given you can just send it to the right place and get it fixed. Called once when it was still free and I send in a ticket first giving ALL the information needed to work on it but was told to call, I decided to had to wait for hours had to give THAT SAME information another ten times at least... then was told the "Can't help you, we'll send it to the next tier" reply.

If I get a serious issue I'll think about if I'll still want to play. And let T0-M0 go already! I know and understand he handles the most tickets, but that's because he doesn't read them obviously!

Customer supports needs to be improved, not crippled further! ...Sorry if I mean sound harsh, I know it's not your fault, it's EA first in my opinion, but BW isn't blame free either.