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02.26.2013 , 02:09 PM | #104
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He would see around 2k expertise from level 33 gear with no expertise on it? Surely at 55 this bolster would not be like this or else PvE Raid gear as it is in 2.0 with its significantly higher stats will out due PvP gear since it will be bolstered to almost the same amount of expertise.

If that's the case prepare to lose a lot of PvPers, Endgame PvE gear should not be on par with PvP gear in "PvP" especially now that stat wise our PvP gear is useless in endgame PVE or close to useless.
I agree, I'm confused, why would lvl 33 purples boost to better than war hero in endgame (lvl 55) PvP? If you're playing in that bracket you should be working for that gear unless my lvl 55 PVP gear will also be bolstered in operations and flashpoints? But then why should I bother trying to get both sets as someone who enjoys pvp and pve?