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As you said, "some" randomness is good....but not 100% randomness. Real world examples are valid as a comparison, as they make sense.

Bottom line, right now it cannot even be considered crafting,
its gambling no more or less then buying cartel packs. Without the ability to improve on one's chances through learned skill, that is all it is. The entirety of the argument regarding a learning curve is to move it away from gambling to actual crafting.
You are confusing crafting with schematic acquisition. crafting is the skill or art of making something. In this game you take materials and make something from those materials. That, by definition, is crafting. On the other hand, schematic acquisition in this game is both trained/learned and random. Basic schematics are trained and then you have a chance to improve upon them by trial and error. And even in the real world not everyone always succeeds when they try to improve upon an already existing thing. No matter how hard they try. And those are people who spend their lives in their craft.

Which leads me into...this is a game where the crafting is a secondary feature. Your character's "profession" is his/her class and advanced class and skill tree specialization; that is what you improve on consistently and persistently over time; your "learning curve." Crafting is something you do on the side, a hobby. If there was a synthweaver class or a armormech class, etc, I could see how the randomness of schematic acquisition would be annoying. But this is not the case.