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and Jheg, the ability to pound down ppl with dmg in pvp, yea i got that post regardingdps/mobility tradeoff, but when you got a shadow/sent/jugger/scoundrel on your ***, standing still casting is gonna do how much? Thats kinda why i made a snappy response.
Both specs suffer from this. I've made gunnery work for me in PvP just as well as any assault spec. Each has to output a certain amount of damage to kill the target, and in a group, each has different ways to do this successfully. Both have problems in high end play currently - check out my vids if you want to see what gunnery can do (see my sig).

As for you final point about gunnery becomming worse compared to other classes, that might have something to do with us spending 25% talent points on mitigation.
I said we'll see. We don't know if it has become comparatively worse yet, so assuming it has is silly. Arguably the only net loss the spec has had (that we know about) comes from the change to the set bonuses.
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