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Well a few things.
A) You say running around spamming hammer shot, go check the amount of instant casts in AS and compare it to gunnery, then you will see assault specc is more mobile, + plasma cell will get a slow.
It's almost as though you didn't read my post where I stated that Assault was more mobile than Gunnery. I'm sure that isn't the case though right? My point about hammer shot was that mobility is NOT the be all and end all.

B) Im trying to point out that despite BW wanting to make all speccs viable for pvp and pve, why does it seem that gunnery is built mainly for pvp? as i said earlier 25% of the talent points go into mitigation/utility talents (and no other class has to spend that many points on it). Honeslty I wish they would make 1 specc for pve dps and one for pvp dps.
Gunnery isn't built for PvP, it is being *improved* for PvP. It will remain strong in PvE, I'm sure. I'm glad they are not taking you up on your last point and making a PvE spec and a PvP spec. That would be boring.

C) Are the new talents on pts final? if so i might aswell go assault specc for dps.
Now you're just being silly.

As for your last point, the changes were made primarily because of PvP, you can't discuss them without mentioning it. YOU are the one who said Assault is the PvP spec.

I don't see gunnery becoming worse for PvE (though we'll see if other classes have significantly improved making gunnery worse comparatively).
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