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We do need more landspeeders! I was disappointed to find out that Korreallis went out of business some time before I started playing. I especially wanted a Korrealis Prince, it's in my favourite shade of red. Also, I heard that there are three unused mounts in this game that are (and always were) unobtainable - Two Desslers - Nomad (brown) and Exploler (green) and a Tirsa - Champion (blue), and I'm pretty angry about the Tirsa, I'd love a blue version.

And most importantly - the taxi speeders (not the speeder bikes, the big two-seater ones, I think they were even in the EP2 movie. As taxis they fly tho, so dunno if they still are LANDspeeders) are the best looking speeders of them all, they look like flying '60s Cadillacs. I was heartbroken to find out that they are taxi/deco only, and I always tried to swipe the abandoned ones on Correlia, which brings me to an idea... Devs, please make a GTA-like game where you steal speeders on Nar Shadaa, Correlia, Corustant etc. That would seriously rock.
the taxi speeders is called manta speeders i think, and from what i have seen datamined of 2.0 it might come with the expantion. i dont think we will see the korrealis back i really want it too since i was stuck on a dead server and wasnt able to get the pvp rating or social x before they was removed,