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02.26.2013 , 05:18 AM | #1
Hey all,

I started playing this game couple of days ago as f2p, after serveral hours i liked it so much i bought me some items in the cartel market so i would become preferred player.

Yesterday i decided to buy me the special edtion serial so i would become a sub.

I havn't payed a MMO in a while, but the last one i played was Lineage 2. I played it for YEARS, serveral thousends of hours i put my life into that game. But after last major patch they kinda ruined it for me. In the lower levels, early in game, there is nothing to do anymore but grinding. L2 is totally a game that starts with lvl 80 or higher.

But because im still L2 orientated im already working, reading, spending time to get me my armor i need, since in L2 it was a hell of a job to get your equipment.

Now my question is.

Should i just play the story? Without really worring about armors and or weapons till im lvl 40+?

Or when do i start worrieng about this in this game?

Will Guilds accept me as a nobody? Do people like playing with a low level, low grade armor kinda player? lol.