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Hello all,

I've tried playing the Republic side a few times but I always feel that you have two choices for personality... you are either a super duper good guy, or a complete ******. I would like my Jedi consular to be a good guy, that sometimes loses control. Is that even possible? I haven't played very far but I remember watching my friend right in the beginning during the Beta. He had three choices and for fun we tried them all and they were like ...
"Of course I will help" Tee hee super good!
"Could you explain this in more detail?" Neutral response is sort of uhhh nothing
"Apparently I'm the only one who can do stuff around here" Uhh what? It wasn't dark.. it wasn't aggressive... it was just total douchebaggery.
From what I've seen simplistic LS/DS options tends to be the trend for Force users on both sides, probably because those kinds of choices have the most relevance for them 'in universe' wise.

Trooper and Smuggler have it a bit better, with LS being along the lines of 'loyal servant of the republic' and 'kind hearted rogue' instead of 'pompous ***', and DS being more 'sometimes unpleasant things have to be done for the greater good' and 'Hey, I have to look out for myself, nobody else will.' rather than 'violent pompous ***'.

There are always exceptions though.