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02.26.2013 , 12:54 AM | #1
Black Sun Rising is hosting a new event called Bloodsport! This will be a bare knuckle brawl with a prize for both the winner and runner-up. Using the legacy fist fighting attacks, applicants will duel to the death for a chance at galaxy-wide fame and glory (and those sweet, sweet credits).

Those who wish to enter the fighting will be placed randomly in a bracket, which will be posted in two weeks time. If you win, you progress through the bracket, and closer to victory. If you lose, you will be dropped from the competition. The rules are as follows:

1. No gear is allowed to be worn, except for one empty/unmodded piece of light armor.
2. You will be able to use only the legacy fighting attacks. Any other attacks, including buffs/debuffs will result in immediate expulsion from the competition and mocking from the crowd.
3. Betting is encouraged. BSR members will be on hand accepting bets and calculating odds.
4. No alts or multiple entrys.

The location and exact date is TBD. If you wish to enter the competition, please either reply below or send mail in game to Manka or Barex. Please include the following info in your application:

1. Character name
2. Class
3. Fighting name
4. Favorite action movie star

Good luck!


Here is who has signed up so far-


Final bracket and date to be posted in one week's time!