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I think they were deliberately going for something new and different with TFB, the idea that the Gree and then the Dread Masters had "dug too deep" and unleashed something terrible that was beyond what the galaxy was used to dealing with. I don't think it's a corrupted Gree, I think it's just something that is truly *alien* (think H.P. Lovecraft, if you're familiar with his type of cosmic monsters).

It's definitely not something that shows up often in Star Wars, but there have been some times in the EU lore where things from "Beyond" show up - Waru, from the book The Crystal Star, comes to mind. Abeloth, from the Fate of the Jedi novels, may not have originated from outside the galaxy, but she's another example of this sort of "Other" or "Eldritch Abomination" type of threat showing up.

Also, I believe the Hypergates are new to Star Wars Lore, so the consequences of them would be new territory.