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12.21.2011 , 01:25 AM | #1
Am I the only one that feels that leveling is too quick? I mean I'm outleveling the content and I'm having a hard time appreciating the quests since missions and simple conversations give so much XP.

I've been playing since the 15th and just reached lv25. The game is great... but progress is so fast I keep telling myself "oh not another level, I just got started here". Best example is when you leave the starter worlds and arrive on your capital city:

I was lv11 then and got all the way to lv12 simply by talking to people. Then i got with some friends and did The Esseless. When I went back to questing I was already 2 levels ahead on everything. I stay out of cantinas and spend as little time in my ship as possible to avoid being rested but I still can't slow the XP down. I skipped half of Taris and did the minimum on Nar Shadda since i was so concerned about overleveling the content.

Anyhow, I believe that reducing general XP would make for more enjoyable progress and pretty much increase the game's lifespan. At that rate people are gonna be crying for an expansion next month.

My opinion.

EDIT: wanted to add a few suggestions

-Make pure conversation quests give little to no XP.
-Bonus quests could increase credits instead of XP (you actually get PAID for the extra effort)
-Space missions could award credits only and become a way to make good money with special objectives or special missions for those willing to invest in their ship
-Reduce the overall XP of missions slightly (would make resting state desirable and would not make missions a pain for those who just want to steamroll through content)


How about a new feature to micro manage your progress? You already choose your reward, add another option where you choose between XP or more credits.

That way players who want to do everything and see everything can take their time and do so without worrying. You can PvP all you want, do all your daily heroics, daily space missions, flashpoints and bonus series and use your money to have a good time along the way. Heck some folks might take 6 months getting to lv 50 and have a blast doing so while others can get there in a week and get their raids going.

I understand there might be an issue with gold farmers here. Have class and main story missions stay the way they are and only allow the option in side quests. Then again the extra credits rewards could be negligible and serve as an excuse for avoiding the "unwanted" XP.