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One other thing is the pilot training. I know the first one for subs you can get at 15 for only a few hundred credits. But for F2P (and I assume preferred?) it's 35K at level 25 (like it was pre-F2P for subs..).

Not sure if that would sway anyone, but that would certainly make me stop and consider it if I wasn't a sub and didn't have a lvl 50 to supply my alts with credits. =)
My question - what happens if you're, say, level 17 with the speeder pilot skill bought and used, and your sub ends - do you loose the skill and have to re-buy it at 25 (since you're preferred now)?

Also, as someone who likes to vary between ftp/subbing, I'm always looking to see what's the best way to do so. While the Swtor model is a bit harsh on ftp/prefs, the ability to purchase many of the unlocks on the GNT using in-game currency is a HUGE bonus - something I didn't see mentioned at all when I was researching this game prior to playing it (and something that's a total incentive/motivator for me in the game). Which I thought was odd, since this was never possible with other FTP games I have experience with (mostly Turbine ones; DDO and Lotro) .