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I would rather take away the stun immunity from the few classes that have it. make entrench work like reactive shield and regular cover be interruptable (but only from 4m). guardian immunity to cc after a leap is seriously op in hb. afaik, there's literally nothing you can do to prevent a leap throw leap scenario. I'm less concerned about resilience/shroud because it's a cleanse and doesn't stop white abils. but the other ones...especially with the ridiculously short cd on entrench... I wouldn't muck with it if there were other resolve changes, but as standalone stuff...don't make MORE ppl immune. make fewer. and the make resolve immune to more if need be.

btw: maras/sents have more dcds than anybody in the game. absolutely worst class to give another one to.
This won't be an issue seeing as tanks won't be able to take that talent anymore in the update.

You need to be in shien form now to have CC immunity.
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