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02.25.2013 , 04:56 PM | #97
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Bolster in 55 is stupid at that level aint **** to do but grind gear anyway. Now no real incentive anymore.
Give bolster all the way up to 54 but thats it.
One guy says 'OMG! I hate it when undergeared people join *my* WZ.'

Another guy says 'OMG! I hate it when people are on a relatively equal playing field!'

Sometimes I truly do feel sorry for the devs who have to balance all sides to come to a solution that doesn't create a massive dungstorm (an impossibility with MMOs btw).

I for one applaud this change. There is still a good reason to grind gear, as you get bolstered to a non-augmented EWH equivalent without any set bonuses nor any min/maxing. People who grind their gear and put effort into it, will still have an edge. It won't be as wide as the Grand Canyon, like it is now, but there will still be an edge in favour of those who actually have the gear.

PvP with less emphasis on stats and more on skill, yes please.