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02.25.2013 , 04:53 PM | #96
I am forseeing some problems in the new bracket system, mostly in the short term.

For the short term you have the following problems:

1- People in maxed out PvP gear playing against low level enemies. And while I see it visible to have a bloaster that brings the main stats and endurance to level 55, I do not see this working for other stats like surge, crtic, etc.. If you get bloastered based on your current gear composition people at level 50, who are well optimized, will have huge edge, because their stats are optimal, where at level 30 you wear whatever is available.

2- The 30-54 bracket will have skill matching problems. You will have someone who have played 10-15 games with their character matched against someone who have played couple of hundred games with their character (more than thousand for some). You can still face that in 50 WZs currently, but its kind of rare. I am seeing this as the biggest problem that the new system will have.

3- For the first 2 weeks, not enough people will get to level 55, and the 55 WZs will have long wait times.


Have two brackets at the launch of the expansion as follows:
10-49 and 50-55. Make the bloaster takes level 50 wearing PvP gear to somewhere close to what will be the new WH gear as of now. After two-three weeks. Switch to 10-29, 30-54 and 55 brackets. People at level 50 who PvP regularly will not have a huge problem being slightly under geared against people at level 55, and skill level should be semi equal across the board.

Long term problems:

1- The level 10-29 seems a bit of a small bracket. I do not have population counts to make analysis (I am sure BW does), if the 10-29 bracket became 10-34 and the next bracket became 35-54 seems like a better idea, as long as waiting times are below 60 secs.