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02.25.2013 , 04:49 PM | #9
Current problem in 50's is to do with the fact that 10-49 WZ is nothing to do with gear.

Most people have War Hero, but lack of effort to try and just herp derp do random **** in WZ thinking its more fun that way. What happens is they get farmed like a ****** and go into turtle a side because its more fun or quit WZ becuase they cant do random DM.

Its further exacerbated by premades because they go into stupid thinking omg its premades by a <insert guild name> and go I give up mode. Nobody wants to fight anything because everyone wants instant wins. Look at *********** Ilum either its a Free For all by a whole guild or a "line" where nobody fights because nobody wants to lose. Nobody seems to want to do the objectives in a WZ.

I seen ppl with good gear and fail to beat a Recruit gear Sorc DPS or a green geared Marauder. What I find is that they're spamming 1 attack throughout the game, which is THE problem.

Hell I seen green geared ppl doing 100+k and a War Hero player doing < 100k on a full offensive run.

What we need to do is be able to avoid these lazy useless players but ignore doesnt seem to work.

Truth be told I be surprised if these tools do well in PvE for that matter.

And the excuses that they have a job and cant apply any way to get better is absolute rubbish. Playing casual is fine but you gotta improve on End game as well, otherwise stick to story modes on other characters. Its bad enough losing, but its even worse when effort is also not applied as well.